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Years after their last record, The Surfcore Band "The Astroglides"compilation, featuring the band's exclusive surf tracks, is being presented tomusic lovers who appreciate cutting-edge twang tunes.


This is "Sewer surfing with… The Astroglides" – A retrospectiveride through the pounding surf of The Astroglides archives!


The Astroglides were one of a kind. Loyal to their name, they took surf to newgalaxies, penetrating both friendly and hostile biospheres, hybridizing theoccidental and the oriental with a touch of oozing reverb.


It is not very common to find a band that succeeded to shape a brand new musicalgenre. The Astroglides, who coined the term 'Surfcore' to describe theirown blend of dark surf and metallic thrash-core, managed to galvanize a newpower tool that retained the true essence of surf music. Since their formationin 1997, The Astroglides have been crafting unique instrumental and vocal surfcoretunes, alongside and separated from both the Israeli musical mainstream and thelocal alternative scene.


Leading their own crusade, the band released their first two albums "Penetrate With…"and "Fondling With…" on the Israeli independent label Fast Music in2001 and 2002, respectively. In 2003 they released their third effort"Channel Surfing With…", a record that was based around TV and movieinstrumentals, including cover versions of obscure theme songs from old IsraeliTV shows.


In 2005 the band released "Turkish Delight", a CD single that was soonfollowed by the band's last album "Selling Out With…". This uniquealbum was released by the band's private label, Sshaking RecordsS, andshowcased The Astroglides’ penchant for oriental-influenced exotica. TheAstroglides took their intense oceanic surfcore on a camel ride through the casbahand gave birth to 15 spicy tunes that breathe new life in the Middle Easterndeserts of desolation.


Mix yourself a Reverb Crash cocktail, give this album a spin and enjoy SewerSurfing With …The Astroglides.


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Liner notesby: CH4




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