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Today children are very hard to entertain and distract. , They might surprise you day by day, and what made you happy when you were that age, has absolutely no effect over them now. , As a parent you may fear that the computer can damage your child thinking and acting. , Partially, that is true, but the computer can be used for something else, such as Puzzle flash games. Because these games are played on the computer, it develops the ability of the children to work and understand how a computer works.

It is not necessary for you to download and install any application. Because the game is flash, it can be played online.




This type of game helps develop logic and thinking and is an excellent exercise for memory. Small children, 3 to 4 years old, can be very attracted by the game, especially if they are allowed to create images that they like such as cartoon characters or house pets. You might not think that a 3 year old can build a puzzle online, but give your child some time and you will be amazed. The important thing is to have the patience to help him develop good thinking capacities. Exercising the mind is very important, especially at this age when a child can learn faster than an adult. His mind is like a sponge and every exercise is important. A puzzle will help the child recognize faster colors; learn how to fit the shapes on so that it can make an image. Another creative part of puzzles is that unlike shape games for children, these allow the child to think deeper before making a move. This creates multiple synapses and exercises the ones already existent. Once learned, the process of association will never be forgotten.


Try to make your child play puzzles that create really fun images, such as his favorite cartoon or animals that he might like. This will stimulate the child to try harder in creating the image.

Finding such puzzles games should not be a difficult job to do. Looking for the games on children sites might reveal tons of puzzles to play with.

Most of the puzzle flash games are free and you don抰 have to spend your money on it. However, if you want real professional puzzles for children that can be played on the computer, you might not find it online and you will have to buy it.



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