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So I buy a few Burger tapes tho there is a lot of Aussie rock getting released in the USA there are still a whole heap of bands that you may not have heard of. Any ways check some of these out.

The Peep Tempel
Not to be confused with the People's Temple, these dudes are a little 70s punk and garagey, possibly a better live band than on record but the songs are reasonably written.

Batpiss   -
These guys are probebly the heaivest band I get into, pretty slow and stonerish in parts but then have some thrashying punk songs, the guys both have great gritty voices.

Money For Rope
Two drummers, guitars, bass and keys. These guys are one of the few local bands that keep putting out new 7"s with a couple of great singles finally putting an album out. Money For Rope play a Dronesques Aus Rock and have been doing the hard yards the last couple of years.

Ciggie Witch -
Day dream pop, haven't played a lot but have a few cool tracks online. If they keep it up they'll be the next Twerps or something like that.

I'll keep updating if any one is digging anything.

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